Emmanuel Dufour


Not to define but to mark lines, lines which determine a territory that is hard to demarcate since it is multiple and in flux. Every medium implies an autonomous proposition which can itself diverge, or can make the whole diverge, into the unforeseeable.


Several aspects of the work I have been developing over 15 years are included here:

Portfolio (pdf)



  • 1-Photographs:
  • Parallels worlds
  • Scanno
  • The Eclectics Affinities
  • Concretion
  • Trahspram


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Series begun in 2015

The coast is the end of land and the beginning of the in nite. It is an intermediary zone where the imagination is free to wander, meditate or contemplate. The wild and pitiless waterline of the ocean produces a fascinating tension.


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Photographs taken with a scanner transformed into a camera. Series begun in 2003.
The scanograms are like paintings: tangible results of manipulating the scanner as a photographic machine. The intention is transfigurative: between photography and painting. 



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Analogue development of photos taken by various digital means: telephone, compact or SLR. These images are assembled in pairs when a dialogue spontaneously occurs or a new perspective emerges: in the in-between...


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Travail photographique en argentique-Année 2000

As my mastery of the process increased I began to stick my objects in my favourite museums, as long as I could nd the dark zone necessary for my superimpositions: parasites of this touristic cultural activity become so hostile.


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-"Trashpram.com" is a comic web site about kids’ pushchairs in urban space. Since 2010

A ballet of human reproduction as an unconscious mechanism, a sort of contribution made by individuals to a society ravenous for merchandise, both infantilizing and amnesiac.


2-Web art  with Trashpram.com or 'navigation into the uncertain'

  • 2-Web :
  • Trashpram.com
  • La Garenne





-"Trashpram.com" is a comic site about kids’ pushchairs in urban space. A ballet of human reproduction as an unconscious mechanism, a sort of contribution made by individuals to a society ravenous for merchandise, both infantilizing and amnesiac.






-"La Garenne"Diane’s passage through the courtyard of a block of flats looking like a rabbit hutch.In the flat opposite, a young woman uses the double glazing of her window as a mirror, her bedroom as a fitting room..
I decided to build a web site to share my experience with some people on a private channel. The « Garenne » soap tv started in 2010 and achieved one month later.



3-Films (diverse formats) of performative and experimental moods from 1995 until today and music sound

  • 3-Films & Sounds
  • Viméo
  • Sounds
  • others


LOOK ON VIMEO https://vimeo.com/user21662344

- Filmmaking in different registers. Cinema marks my oeuvre since 1995. 
Often in the register of reality fiction, I make objects -- some momentary, others temporal -- with film or video, animation or reworkings of others' productions. 
The productivity orientated agricultural mechanics of "Georgics"; the silence of an aeronautic trade faire with "Le Bourget"; "La Garenne" ou Actaeon spellbound; "Meditation for a potato"; "Kipper skin"... 




















The blues of Mongolie
It looks like a real disc music from the world music department of the music store.

Guimbard instrument is played like an air blues rythm, the soul is walking on the Mongol steppes. We can recognize some guturales sound talk about a project of a christmas cake.

Sound: live
Lenght : 16 mm
instrument: guimbard
Author : ED



Yodel Mix

Lenght: 7, 24 mm
Editing of fews sound records. One voice is the started of the track, Tyrolian woman voice singing in the bathroom.

Mixed with sound edit






Lenght: 16,19 mm
Editing of fews sound records.





Final Who

Lenght: 8, 19 mm
Editing of fews sound records.










  • 4-Sculpture
  • Skin


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C’est un travail sur la peau, tout objet ou volume devient peau, empreinte d’un existant tangible qu’il soit en 2 ou 3 dimensions.




Film "Veronique" (Vera icon)




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